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Hello mates!

It's been a while since I wrote one of these and I kinda feel bad that my last post was just a Ko-Fi link,shamelesly begging for e-bucks but that is gonna get a revamp with some art goodies for people that donate.Anyway that's not the reason why I am doing this post.I just wanted to adress the fact that some of you might have noticed that I have done a lot less art than my previous years,including not even able to even start up this year's inktober at all with just one picture in general that I didn't even get to post here.I mean there has been a lot of reasons behind this with the major one being that I got picked into a team to work on a game.

To keep it short,I started this year working on the game project,but around the Summer we simply realized that what we started might have been a little too ambitious for our small team(I literally do almost everything related to the visuals this including character designs,enviroment designs,animations,UI design and so on),so we switched to smaller more managable project dedicated for a mobile platform.I don't regret anything while working,the programmer and game designers a pretty awesome bros and they certanly seem to know what they are doing,the only downside is that I really got invested into working on this project that I without a doubt disregared a lot of my original content that I do.

I feel like I could have done a lot more if I simply managed my time and schedule and lets just say this is going to be something I will be focusing at the beginning of the next year,uploading more stuff to show.I do still feel like I owe an apology to my regular followers,tho' 

On the plus side I did manage to travel around this year and go to some comic and art event where I managed to sell some of the merchendise I managed to create.An online shop will be in the making the upcoming year for those who are interested

I'm also glad to see the new influx of artists joining newgrounds,it is good to meet new faces and help spice up the art portal a little more.Newgrounds was the starting kick to my journey to making and creating art and helped me meet a lot of cool peeps that do awesome work and are genuenly fun to talk to and collab.So here's hoping that the fresh meat has the same experience.

Finally I do wish everyone has a lovely upcoming New Year and hope for the best on the next year.

Peace out,mates!1437251_154626253381_IMG_20181209_161855_857.jpg


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