Entry #12

Coffee Party

2017-05-20 15:51:05 by ThePsychoSheep

Hey fellow peeps and followers!

If you like my art but also are feeling generous,you can help me out and support me on this platform called Ko-fi.com.I recently made a profile there and if you enjoy my works,you can donate to me a small fee so I can buy me some coffee,food for my cat or bullets to shoot myself.

Now lets make some things clear:

1.This does not mean that I will stop posting art because I demands some donations!

Art posting will continue to follow the same program,everything I do will be avaliable for everyone to see,share and enjoy!

2.I prefer this over Patreon,because I like people to decide the amount they would like to donate to me while my art is available for everyone to see rather than to hide certain aspects of my art behind a paywall.

With that said,I appreciate all the support from you guys,every small donation helps me out a lot,but I would be just glad if you peeps like my works!



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