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Coffee Party

2017-05-20 15:51:05 by ThePsychoSheep

Hey fellow peeps and followers!

If you like my art but also are feeling generous,you can help me out and support me on this platform called recently made a profile there and if you enjoy my works,you can donate to me a small fee so I can buy me some coffee,food for my cat or bullets to shoot myself.

Now lets make some things clear:

1.This does not mean that I will stop posting art because I demands some donations!

Art posting will continue to follow the same program,everything I do will be avaliable for everyone to see,share and enjoy!

2.I prefer this over Patreon,because I like people to decide the amount they would like to donate to me while my art is available for everyone to see rather than to hide certain aspects of my art behind a paywall.

With that said,I appreciate all the support from you guys,every small donation helps me out a lot,but I would be just glad if you peeps like my works!



2016-07-16 09:16:13 by ThePsychoSheep

I decided to finally start using it
I mainly used it before ONLY for the purpose of seeing if my comissioned banners actually fit properly :D

Anyone who feels like it can add me

You are awesome,lads!

2015-09-19 13:19:08 by ThePsychoSheep

So last month I had this nasty art bock that kept me troubled and really screwed up my drawing process.I asked my fellow followers,artists and basicly the whole En Gee community for advice on what the actual fuck am I suppose to do and I wasn't dissapointed with the awnswers.From deep psychological deconstruction to drinking cactus juice I must say that I'm feeling a lot better than before and more confident in what I draw.You are the best,lads!

P.S:Should have written this a week earlier :(

P.S.S:I actually wrote this so people don't think I'm still in some turbo shit artist block,since the previous blog is the first thing that appears when you enter my profile and it looks like I'm still complaining.

P.S.S.S:I'l shut the fuck up now and bring more art to the table.

Struggle with art

2015-07-25 07:29:37 by ThePsychoSheep


So lately if you have noticed some absence of artwork from me that is most likely because I'm going through one hell of an art block right now and it's bloody killing me.So far that I've come to the conclusion that I should probably quit drawing several times now,but I realised that If I stopped drawing I simply won't do anything else thats productive(besides probably working some cheap job).The past days I've been trying to crawl out slowly from this state by doing simple stuff like small sketches and stuff.It's kinda working and I have some hope.My question for you guys is if you reach a state of an similar art block,what is your solution to it?Do you have something specific that works or do you just let it slide away and hope that you get back on track?

I made a thingy(Dota2)

2014-08-14 20:03:14 by ThePsychoSheep

Hey guys!

One of my Dota 2 desings got turned into a shirt.So if anyone is interested in a cool Pugna shirt(Or just wants to help me out) go to the following adress: and you can get your own shirt.

Thanks :)



2013-12-21 17:39:51 by ThePsychoSheep

Got myself a Tumblr.Still can't get the hang of it.I will be adding some additional sketches and art on it.

Magnificient Madness

2013-09-22 12:59:45 by ThePsychoSheep


And here is this year's contribution


2012-09-22 18:05:00 by ThePsychoSheep


Quite awesome entries so far :D

Here is my Contribution


"Feel the Madness!"

2012-06-21 07:18:21 by ThePsychoSheep

Just came up with the concept for the next Madness art entitled "Feel the Madness"...see you until Madness Day :D


2012-02-08 07:21:32 by ThePsychoSheep

Dayum!Everything is so shiny!I'm really diggin' this layout.Also thanks for putting an art piece of mine in the Art Portal Frontpage :D.Love ya' NG!